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sputtering coating target-----titanium target/niobium target/aluminium target

  • Ti、 Al、Nb、Cr
  • <100μm
  • >99%

When a target is bombarded with fast heavy particles, erosion of the target material occurs. The process, when occurring in the conditions of a gaseous glow discharge between an anode and cathode is termed sputtering. Enhancement of this process for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) sample coating is obtained by the choice of a suitable ionization gas and target material. 

What is Sputter Coating?

When a glow discharge is formed between a Cathode and Anode using a suitable gas (typically Argon), and Cathode target material (commonly Gold) the bombardment of the target with gas ions will erode this target material, this process being termed ‘Sputtering’.

The resulting omni-directional deposition of sputtered atoms will form an even coating on the surface of the specimen. It will inhibit charging, reduce thermal damage, and improve secondary electron emission which are beneficial for Scanning Electron Microscopy.

The Cathode target material is commonly Gold. However, to achieve finer grain size, and thinner continuous coatings, it is advantageous to use cathode target materials such as Chromium. To achieve sputtering with this target material requires vacuums somewhat better than those achievable with a Rotary Vacuum Pump.


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