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These are related to the target material news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in target material and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand target material market.
  • Selecting suitable target material for SEM application

    The coating material for making a non-conductive SEM sample conductive should be selected to achieve optimum performance. China sputtering target manufacturer-----Baoji Oukai summarizes the tips of selecting suitable target material for SEM application.

  • Sputtering target in field of microelectronics

    In all application industries, sputtering target material film in semiconductor industry is one of the most demanding quality requirements. Baoji Oukai mainly supply high quality sputtering target for thin film coating such as glass coating,decorative coating and optical coating,electronics and semiconductor,etc..

  • Target made in China will "sputter" worldwide

    People can't live without sputtering targets in modern life.Phones, credit cards, cameras, second-generation id cards...They all have a chip.The ultrafine metal conductor in chip, which is nearly 10,000 meters in length, is made by sputtering target. 

  • Target material will boost the development of OLED

    OLED as the next generation of emerging flat panel display technology, has a simple structure,high contrast, thin thickness, wide angle, fast response speed, can be used in the flexural panel.Target material will boost the development of OLED.  

  • The application of Aluminium oxide thin films

    Aluminium oxide thin films are that Aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air, creating a layer of dense Aluminum oxide thin film exposed to the surface of air.  

  • The main performance requirements of target material

    The main performance requirements of target material contains purity,impurity,density,grain size.

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