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alloy sputtering target

These articles are all highly relevant alloy sputtering target. I believe this information can help you understand alloy sputtering target's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Glass coating and thin film coating

    Coated glass is glass with one or more layers of metal, metal alloy or a metal compound thin film coating, to alter the optical properties of the glass to meet certain requirements.  

  • The preparation method of Si Al target for Low-E glass coating

    Low-e coating glass is also called LOW radiation Glass or low-e (LOW Emissivity Glass). A variety of materials are used in the production process of target material (SiAl target, NiCr target, TiOx target, ZnAl target ZnSn target, Ag target,etc..)

  • Applications of Molybdenum target

    Molybdenum target possesses high melting point and strength, low resistivity and good thermal qualitative and low-temperature oxidation resistance, etc.Therefore molybdenum target is mainly used in plasma sputtering industry.

  • Use of tantalum niobium alloy sputtering target

    Use of tantalum niobium sputtering targetTantalum powder and tantalum wire are the key materials for tantalum capacitors in the electronics industry.

  • Development trend of tantalum niobium alloy sputtering target

    Tantalum niobium sputtering target has special corrosion resistant properties and good strength and ductility, thermal conductivity and processing performance, has more excellent properties in many other areas.

  • Process for molybdenum niobium alloy sputtering target

    Processing steps of Mo Nb alloy plate is first mixed, quantitative molybdenum powder and niobium powder into at least three copies.

  • The reason why aluminum alloy target fractures

    The crack of aluminum profile is caused by tensile stress when the profile is extruded, and the transverse tearing of metal is formed in different degree.

  • The application of SVC silicon alloy to sputtering target

    Target mainly for SVC series silicon alloy tool coating super-hard membrane of sputtering target, clocks and watches recently, mobile phones have the demand like black against the fingerprints of hard film, stainless steel casing and hard, imitation gold superhard film, etc. 

  • How to Install Sputtering Target

    The most important consideration in the installation of the target material is to ensure that a good thermal conduction connection is established between the target material and the sputtered gun cooling wall.

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