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  • Baoji Okai-----a professional sputtering target manufacturer and supplier in China

    Baoji Okai Sputtering Targets Technology Co., Ltd is a professional sputtering target manufacturer and supplier in China. We mainly supply sputtering targets used in every fields.

  • News Report Analysis: Global Diboride Chromium Market Growth(CAGR) by 2022

    The Diboride Chromium market report is categorized on the basis of distinct geographical segments, leading manufacturers, various applications and different types.Leading players involved in the global Diboride Chromium market includes JAPAN NEW METALS, Materion Corporation, Jiangxi Ketai New Materi

  • The Coating Advantages of Target Materials in Surface Decoration Engineering

      Coating Advantages in Surface Decoration Engineering  The target material is the sputtering source of various functional thin films on the substrate by means of magnetron sputtering, multi-arc ion plating or other types of coating systems. Simply, the target material is the goal material of hig

  • Properties requirements of sputtering targets

      Magnetron sputtering deposition is a new kind of physical vapor phase deposition method, which use the electron emission electron gun system and focus on the plating material to make the atoms that were sputtered on the target follow the principle of momentum transfer move from the target surfa

  • Magnetron Sputtering Target Material

    Okai has been working on developing and manufacturing high-end target materials for many years to win customer trust with quality. To make high-end quality products, please choose high quality magnetic control sputtering target materials from Okai.

  • The common PVD methods : magnetron sputtering& evaporation

    The most common types of physical vapor deposition (PVD) are magnetron sputtering and evaporation, which could be either thermal or electron beam (e-beam). China sputtering target manufacturer----Baoji Oukai tells you how to choose PVD methods.

  • Selecting suitable target material for SEM application

    The coating material for making a non-conductive SEM sample conductive should be selected to achieve optimum performance. China sputtering target manufacturer-----Baoji Oukai summarizes the tips of selecting suitable target material for SEM application.

  • Why bonds backing plate in a sputtering target?

    Backing plates play an important role in PVD industry and have been a popular parts for a lot of sputtering target set. As a professional China sputtering target manufacturer, Baoji Oukai Sputtering Target summarizes the reasons of bonding backing plate in a sputtering target.

  • What is mammary gland molybdenum target inspection?

    Mammary gland molybdenum target inspection is to use an advanced breast X-ray machine, the breast photos, in order to get the imaging data. China sputtering target manufacturer----Baoji Oukai Sputtering Target recommends that women should pay close attention to, and regularly check their breasts after puberty.

  • Glass coating and thin film coating

    Coated glass is glass with one or more layers of metal, metal alloy or a metal compound thin film coating, to alter the optical properties of the glass to meet certain requirements.  

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