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Zirconium membrane

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Zirconium membrane

Zirconium membrane  on Mo substrate prepared by electron beam heating evaporation (EBHE) and resistance heating evaporation (RHE) respectively were characterized by XRD and SEM. All membrane are HCP structure and the evidence of crystal tropism is found. (002) is the leading face in the membrane by EBHE, and (101) and (002) are the leading faces in the membrane by RHE, respectively. The crystal particles of Zr membrane by RHE are in irregular arrangement and the particles size is about 500 nm rarely and 1 μm mostly, and that by EBHE are in regular hexagon arrangement and the particle size is about 300 nm.

Zirconium membrane as a decorative coating, which can provide elegant and classic charm of greenish yellow zirconium nitride membrane ,  plates a perfect gold color with titanium, and can enhance the wear resistance and corrosion resistance. As a tool, it can prolong the service life of 5-8 times of  cutting tools, drilling tools. ect.

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