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Why are high-end sputtering target developing in great size

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Why are high-end sputtering target developing in great size

  The development trend of sputtering target technology is closely related to the development trend of thin film technology in downstream application industry. As the application industry improves on the film products or components, the sputtering target technology should also change accordingly.

  At present, the high-end sputtering target in the direction of super large development, mainly for the following two reasons:

  (1) because the number of devices produced by a sputtering process is square with the size of the sputtering target. Therefore, the larger the sputtering target, the lower the cost of the device production, the stronger the product competitiveness. This is the electronic, flat panel display, solar panel production enterprises continue to pursue the goal.

  (2) because of the increasing size of single panel display panel and solar panel, the larger the sputtering target size required, the uniformity of the film performance can be satisfied. Due to the increasing size of sputtering target, the requirements of sputtering target equipment, preparation technology, sputtering target structure and target performance are higher and higher.

  If the sputtering target density is higher, the composition is purer, the structure uniformity is better, and so on, the funds will be invested more. Because the process of sputtering, sputtering target density smaller by bombardment, due to the sudden release of gas inside the pores of the sputtering target, resulting in the large size of the sputtering target particles or flying particles, or the film after film two times by electron bombardment caused by flying particles. The presence of these particles will degrade the quality of the film in the device. In the process of making VLSI, the number of particles allowed per 150mm diameter silicon wafer must be less than 30. Therefore, the density of large-size sputtering targets is more demanding.

  At the same time, when the sputtering target is sputtering, the atoms in the sputtering target are most likely to sputter along the dense surface, and the crystalline direction of the material has a great influence on the sputtering rate and the thickness uniformity of the sputtering film. Therefore, for large size targets, it is very important to obtain the sputtering target structures with fine structure and good uniformity. However, it is difficult to obtain such fine structure in large size target, so it is necessary to improve the equipment and technology of previous production.

  Therefore, the production and implementation of super large sputtering target materials is of vital importance for improving the quality of sputtering target preparation and improving the quality and competitiveness of devices.

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