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Which magnetron sputtering target is the best

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Which magnetron sputtering target is the best

  With the increasing development of sputtering target, especially magnetron sputtering technology,any material can be prepared by ion bombardment of the target film, due to be in the process of sputtering target material applied to the demons of the substrate, the quality of sputtered films is of great influence, therefore, on the target. More stringent requirements. In the selection of the target, in addition to the choice of the membrane itself, we should also consider the following issues:

  (1) After the target film is formed, it should have good mechanical strength and chemical stability;

  (2) The combination of the target and the substrate must be firm; otherwise, a membrane material with good bonding force with the substrate shall be used to sputter a layer of base film and then prepare the desired coating;

  (3) To meet the requirements of membrane performance, the smaller the difference between thermal expansion coefficient of target and substrate, the better to reduce the impact of thermal stress of sputtering film;

  (4) The film material which is reacted and sputtered into the film must be easily reacted with the gas to form a compound film;

  (5) According to the application and performance requirements of the membrane, the target material used must meet the technical requirements of purity, magazine content, uniformity of components and machining accuracy.

  Which magnetron sputtering target is the best?

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