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What is the purpose of ITO target?

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What is the purpose of ITO target?

   The utilization rate of ITO target is very high in the electronics industry.Today the passage gives you a detailed introduction of ITO target's application.

  1.The defination of ITO target

  ITO target is black gray ceramic semiconductor, which mixes indium oxide and tin oxide powder by certain proportion, after a series of processing molding production technology, and then is foemed by high temperature atmosphere sintering (1600 degrees Fahrenheit, oxygen sintering).

  2.The application of ITO target

  ITO target are widely used in every industry, but is mainly used in flat panel display.ITO target is the main raw material of sputtering ITO conductive film, without it, many of materials will not be able to achieve normal processing and design.Because of visible light transparent and good conductivity of ITO thin film,it is also widely used in LCD glass, curtain wall glass and anti-mist windscreen in car, etc.

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