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What is sputtering target bonding?

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What is sputtering target bonding?

  Baoji Oukai sputtering target mainly introduces sputtering target bonding by its definition and the select of backing target.

  1.Definition of sputtering target bonding

  Sputtering target bonding is to weld the target and the back target with welding material.There are 3 types:pressure welding, brazing and conductive adhesive.

  a. Pressure welding:In order to improve the quality of contact, it will use trim strip to increase graphite paper, Pb or In skin.

  b. Brazing:In the case of using brazing filler, the sputtering power is required to be less than 20W/cm2, and brazing filler is commonly used In, Sn and In-Sn.

  c. Conductive adhesive:The conductive adhesive is required to be high temperature and the thickness is 0.02-0.05 um.

  2.The select of backing target

  The requirement of material:usually using Oxygen-free copper and molybdenum target,the thickness is about 3mm.

  Good conductivity: usually using Oxygen-free copper,its thermal conductivity is better than red copper.

  Enough stength: too thin,easy to deform.

  Requirement of structure: hollow or solid structure

  Moderate thickness: anout 3mm.

  If you have any questions about sputtering target bonding,please contact us!

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