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What is sputtering?

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What is sputtering?

   Sputtering is a technique whereby a solid target material is bombarded with energetic particles to eject atoms from it and then deposit a thin film on the substrate. Sputtering target and evaporation materials (ST&EM) play a vital role in industries like electronics, energy, optics and others to ensure that a uniform and thin film of desired material is deposited on the substrate to prevent it from external damages. Moreover, sputtering and evaporation are thin film deposition technologies that are most commonly used in semiconductors for diffusion barriers, adhesion or seed layers, etching, antireflection coatings and primary conductors.

  The various methods of sputtering include DC sputtering, reactive sputtering, RF sputtering, Ion assisted, Magnetron and Gas flow. Metals which conduct electricity are sputtered through DC sputtering; whereas, compounds use Reactive sputtering. Moreover, oxides that are insulating can be sputtered by RF sputtering technique but the rate of deposition is low. DC magnetron method is the most commonly used technique in which a magnetic field is provided along with the normal DC method to enhance the quality and efficiency of the deposition. Both Sputtering and evaporation are parts of the physical vapour deposition (PVD).

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