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What is mammary molybdenum target?

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What is mammary molybdenum target?

  Mammary molybdenum target,the full name is called mammary molybdenum target X-ray photography check, also called molybdenum target,it is the first choice for diagnosing mammary disease and the most convenient and reliable noninvasive detection means.

  Mammary molybdenum target has relatively small pain,convenient and high distinguishability,good repeatability.It is not limited to age and figure to as regular inspection.

  The characteristic of mammary molybdenum target is to detect that doctor cannot touch breast lumps, especially for large breasts and adipose breast, its diagnostic can be as high as 95%. For a little tiny calcification as stage, the only sign of T0 breast cancer clinical outpatient (negative), and only with soft X-ray can be early detection and diagnosis, the sensitivity to the diagnosis of breast cancer is 82% ~ 89%, specificity is 87% ~ 94%.

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