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What is mammary gland molybdenum target inspection?

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What is mammary gland molybdenum target inspection?

  Mammary gland molybdenum target inspection is to use an advanced breast X-ray machine, the breast photos, in order to get the imaging data. Experienced radiologists to read X-ray mammary gland molybdenum target X-ray machine and combined with the clinical manifestations, analysis and judgment of your breast without problems, are there any imaging can reflect lesions, so as to further qualitative analysis according to the imaging characteristics of lesions.

  Molybdenum target X-ray machine, it is made from metal molybdenum target surface and the filter plate, produce a kind of soft X-ray machine. With molybdenum target X-ray machine taken photos, make mammary gland subtle structure and small lesions can be clearly showed in the photograph. Mammary gland molybdenum target X-ray diagnosis has become today one of the most effective and most reliable means of breast lesions, in foreign countries, this technology has become a regular breast exams.

  When making molybdenum target inspection, generally USES the mammary gland is a bilateral and internal and external oblique slice, special situations to clap, local point. Exposure in the process, machine pressure plate will exert pressure on mammary gland appropriate, you will be slightly uncomfortable, but there is no big deal.

  Soft from the mammary gland molybdenum target X-ray after breast irradiation to pack in the cassette special photographic X-ray films, and the formation of image. Due to the structure of different components in different density, be formed different on X-ray images, doctors can through these photos of the density difference of mammary gland disease diagnosis.

  Such as hyperplasia of mammary gland flocculus and mammary gland fibroma, breast cancer and so on, but most of these mammary gland disease from puberty onset.

  China sputtering target manufacturer----Baoji Oukai Sputtering Target recommends that women should pay close attention to, and regularly check their breasts after puberty, if abnormal appearance, or you can hit the mass, should seek treatment as soon as possible. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you regularly go to a hospital for every 1 ~ 2 years of mammary gland molybdenum target routine inspection.

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