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What is an tungsten/wolfram target?

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What is an tungsten/wolfram target?

  Tungsten target implies an X-Ray tube where high energy electrons are directed in a vacuum to strike a tungsten target.Where the electrons strike the tungsten very short wavelength X-rays are generated and pass out through the vacuum tube for use in medical diagnosis and engineering radiography of welds and castings etc.

    Tungsten has a very high melting point but it is nevertheless melted where the beam strikes:for this reason the target is rotated to give a fresh target surface very frequently and the tungsten target is a fairly thin plate welded or brazed onto a water-cooled copper backing.Less than 1% of the electrical energy delivered into the X-ray tube comes out as X-rays;the other 99+% is waste heat.Tungsten is chosen for the short wavelength and penetrating power of it's characteristic.

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