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What is Wolfram/Tungsten target?

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What is Wolfram/Tungsten target?

  Wolfram/Tungsten target is a flat rectangle of known color and brightness, fixed to the spacecraft so the instruments on the movable scan platform (cameras, infrared instrument, etc.) can point to a predictable target for calibration purposes.

  Wolfram/Tungsten targets are joined to graphite substrates by a brazing method employing a controlled atmosphere and a suitable braze material such as platinum and an alloy of platinum and chromium.


  Wolfram/Tungsten target is mainly used in plasma sputtering industry.With the electric field, electron collided with the argon atom when fly to the substrate, then argon atoms and electrics were ionized .The electrics fly to the substrate while argon atoms accelerate to bomb the target, the neutral atoms (or molecules) in the target deposit on the substrate and become the coating.

  In addition,Wolfram/Tungsten target, namely tungsten sputtering target is used as sputter target for solar, glass, LCD, LED and electrical industries.

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