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What is Thin film deposition?

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What is Thin film deposition?

  Thin film deposition is a vacuum technique to apply coatings of pure materials onto the surface of many different objects. The coatings are composed of a single material or layers of multiple materials, with a thickness range of angstroms to microns. The object to be coated is called as the substrate, which can be a wide range of things, including semiconductor wafers, optical components, solar cells, and many other possibilities. The coating materials can be either molecules, including nitrides and oxides, or can be pure atomic elements such as both metals and non metals. There are various forms of thin film deposition available, including physical vapor deposition and sputtering. Semicore supplies a suite of high performance thin film deposition sputtering systems that provide coatings on many different materials.

  Thin Film Deposition is usually divided into two broad categories – Chemical Deposition and Physical Vapor Deposition Coating Systems.

  Chemical Deposition is when a volatile fluid precursor produces a chemical change on a surface leaving a chemically deposited coating. One example is Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD used to produce the highest-purity, highest-performance solid materials in the semiconductor industry today.

  Physical Vapor Deposition refers to a wide range of technologies where a material is released from a source and deposited on a substrate using mechanical, electromechanical or thermodynamic processes. The two most common techniques of Physical Vapor Deposition or PVD are Thermal Evaporation and Sputtering.

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