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What is Auto coating?

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What is Auto coating?

  Coating principle is a high voltage electron gun which will be more than the number of drugs vaporized, evenly distributed in the lens surface. Nowadays,with the improvement of life quality, people pay more and more attention to the maintenance of vehicles.Auto coating is a car beauty service in a more fashionable beauty measures, loved by the majority of owners.

  Auto coating refers to the coating of some special medicament on the surface of the car, which can be used to change the chemical changes on the surface of the car to form a thin, hard and transparent protective film.

  The purpose of auto coating is to reduce the reflection of light, increase transmittance, resist ultraviolet ray and reduce the flare and ghost shadow. Different color coating, also make color balance difference. In addition, Auto coating can delay the aging of lens and time of discoloration.

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