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What are the classification of the sputtering target?

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What are the classification of the sputtering target?

According to the application, it mainly includes semiconductor field application target, sputtering target for recording medium, sputtering target for display film, optical target material, superconducting target, etc.. Shanghai iron and Steel Research Institute, Zhang Qinglai et al. Have classified the target materials and their corresponding material types and application areas in detail. Among them, target materials, recording media, target materials and display targets are the three largest targets in the field of semiconductors.

The target shape of cuboid, cube and cylinder and irregular shape. Cuboid, cube and cylinder was solid, sputtering process, annular permanent magnets to establish circular magnetic field on the target surface, the axis between the annular surface distance is formed on the etching area, its disadvantage is that the thickness uniformity of thin film deposition is not easy to control, the target utilization is low, only 20%~30%.

At present, the rotary hollow tube magnetron sputtering target has been widely applied both at home and abroad. Its advantage is that the target can be rotated around a fixed strip magnet assembly, so that the target surface of 360 degrees can be uniformly etched, and the utilization rate is as high as 80%.

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