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Use of tantalum niobium alloy sputtering target

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Use of tantalum niobium alloy sputtering target

Use of tantalum niobium sputtering target:

Tantalum powder and tantalum wire are the key materials for tantalum capacitors in the electronics industry. Tantalum capacitor has the advantages of small size, light weight, high capacity, good reliability, wide working temperature range, anti vibration, long service life, widely used in mobile phone, computer, digital products, automotive and aerospace electronics and other fields, about 60% of the world's manufacturing for tantalum capacitors.

Tool steel, track steel, cast steel. Niobium in these alloys in addition to maintain its high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, but also to the grain refinement and solid solution strengthening effect, can effectively improve the strength and hardness of steel under high temperature, improve the steel processing and welding performance, prevent steel corrosion and embrittlement etc. in harsh environment.

About 90% of the world's niobium is used in the steel industry. The tantalum or niobium added to nickel, cobalt, iron based alloy or in tantalum and niobium was prepared by adding other metal elements can produce super alloy, super alloy is an important structural material of aerospace engine, land-based air turbine engines, modern weapons, bad industrial environment facilities.

In the mechanical industry, with tantalum carbide, niobium carbide and other hard alloy manufacturing tools, drill tools can stand near a high temperature of 3000 DEG C, the hardness can be comparable with diamond.

In the chemical industry, tantalum niobium sputtering target is high quality, acid resistant and liquid metal corrosion resistant materials, can be used in cooking utensils, heaters, coolers and various devices, containers and so on.

In addition, tantalum, niobium, metals and their alloys can be used as shell materials for atomic reactors, high-energy physics, superconducting devices, and medical surgical materials.

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