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Use of sputtering targets in vacuum plating

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Use of sputtering targets in vacuum plating

The sputtering target has many functions, and the market development is very large. It has a very good use in many fields. Almost all of the sputtering devices use powerful magnets to spiral the electrons to accelerate argon ionization around the target, resulting in an increase in the impact between the target and argon ions,

Increasing sputtering speed. General metal coating mostly by DC sputtering, and ceramic materials are not conductive RF AC sputtering, the basic principle is the use of glow discharge in vacuum (glow discharge) (Ar) argon ion bombardment sputtering target (target) surface electric cation in pulp will accelerate as being rushed to the negative electrode surface the sputtering target, the impact will make the sputtering target fly off and deposited on the substrate to form a thin film.

In general, the use of sputtering process for film coating has several characteristics: (1) metal, alloy or insulation can be made into thin film material. (2) under the proper setting conditions, the composite sputtering target with multiple components can be made out of the same composition. (3) the input current and sputtering time of the target can be controlled, and the film thickness is easy to obtain. (4) compared with other processes, it is beneficial to produce large-area homogeneous film. (5) by adding oxygen or other active gas into the discharge atmosphere, a mixture or compound of the  material target and the gas molecule can be made. (6) the sputtering particles are free from the influence of gravity, and the target and substrate positions can be arranged freely.

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