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Types of sputtering targets

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Types of sputtering targets

  Rotary sputtering targets, cylindrical

  OUKAI boasts many years of experience in making bonded sputtering targets and possesses unique industrial know-how which is under continuous improvement. So we are especially pleased to offer our customers bonding of rotary sputtering targets. Currently, we manufacture cylindrical sputtering targets up to 4,000 mm length.

  Sputtering targets, rectangular

  Lengths up to 4,000 millimeter and optionally bonded to backing plates

  OUKAI offers all kind of sputtering target materials, optionally bonded to specially designed backing plates. We deliver materials, matched in their quality parameters in an optimal way to the requirements of the purposed thin-film application. We provide sputtering targets with individual dimensions up to 4,000 mm.

  Sputtering targets, circular

  Optionally bonded with individual diameters

  We are producing high-quality sputtering targets made out of all kinds of materials, optionally bonded to specially designed backing plates. We provide circular sputtering targets with individual diameters. Please ask for details.

  OUKAI concentrates in the development trend of environmental protection technology and extends into the production of applied material needed in the vacuum operation field.

  Product Description:

  OUKAI target produces high quality products and meets clients' requirements:

  High purity metal sputtering target

  Target processing

  Customized target manufacturing

  High stability metallurgic physical property

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