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  • News Report Analysis: Global Diboride Chromium Market Growth(CAGR) by 2022

    The Diboride Chromium market report is categorized on the basis of distinct geographical segments, leading manufacturers, various applications and different types.Leading players involved in the global Diboride Chromium market includes JAPAN NEW METALS, Materion Corporation, Jiangxi Ketai New Materi

  • Thin film material market is soaring

    Recent year, the advantages offered by thin film material in industrial as well as domestic operations, coupled with the rising demand for efficiency and miniaturization, will continue to drive the thin film material market.

  • China promulgated related policy about sputtering target

    Recently,China promulgated related policy about sputtering target.Next, Baoji Oukai Sputtering Target will share the content with you.

  • The demand of global sputter coatings market is soaring

    Sputter coating is prominently used in flat panel displays and this is expected to drive the global sputter coatings market owing to a rise in demand across the globe.

  • Target made in China will "sputter" worldwide

    People can't live without sputtering targets in modern life.Phones, credit cards, cameras, second-generation id cards...They all have a chip.The ultrafine metal conductor in chip, which is nearly 10,000 meters in length, is made by sputtering target. 

  • The development prospect of W-Ti alloy target

    Tungsten-titanium target material has been developed recently as a photovoltaic cell coating material. As a blocking layer of third-generation solar cells, it is the best choice as a blocking layer of third-generation solar cells.  

  • Sputtering target market

    Since the 90s of the 20th century, with the rapid development of consumer electronics and other end applications market, high purity sputtering target market is growing, showing a rapid growth momentum.

  • The development trend of sputtering target

    Since the 1990s, with rapid development of new technology and new materials, new devices and new materials have developed increasingly, especially in the microelectronics industry. So the market size of sputtering targets has been expanding. 

  • Sputtering target market to exceed $540 million

    Sputtering targets are available in a range of precious and non-precious materials, including pure elements or compounds and alloys, and might include precious metals like gold, palladium, and platinum. 

  • About PVD coating

    PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition) coating is a vacuum deposition process that has received increasing use in recent years and is no longer seen as a laboratory process.

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