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The selection of sputtering target in vacuum plating

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The selection of sputtering target in vacuum plating

       With increasingly development of sputtering coating, especially magnetron sputtering coating technology, thin films can be made by ion bombards target for any materials. Because thin films are coated to some substrates in the process of target sputtering, so target plays an important influence in the quality of sputtering films. In the selection of target, we should consider the following questions:

  First, the target materials should have good mechanical strength and chemical stability.

  Second, the target material and substrate must be firm. Otherwise, we should select membrane materials which have good adhesion with substrate.

  Third, as membrane material with reaction sputtering into film, it must be easy to react with gas to generate compound membrane.

  Forth, in the premise of meeting performance requirements of membrane, the differentials of thermal expansion coefficient of target with substrate should be small as small as possible, so as to reduce the influence of sputtering film thermal stress.

  Last, according to the application and performance requirements of film, the target material must meet purity, impurity content, composition uniformity and precise machining technical requirements.

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