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The production of aluminum sputtering target

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The production of aluminum sputtering target

The aluminum target is used for a sputtering target in vacuum coating industries, high pure aluminum through a series of products, with the size and shape of high purity aluminum specific materials, installed in the vacuum coating machine, sputtering film.

The production of aluminum sputtering target 

1, The production of aluminum and aluminum purification: extract Al2O3 from bauxite, and electrolysis in molten cryolite and the purity is above 99%, but that of pure aluminium cannot be used as raw materials for production of aluminum material, the aluminum sputtering target first demand for aluminum is the most important requirement is to high purity high pure aluminum, the aluminum target is through segregation method, three layer electrolysis or joint zone melting method is produced, the price to more than 99.7 of industrial pure aluminum expensive, currently the highest purity in 99.9999% (6N).

2, Deformation of the aluminum target: high purity aluminum ingots as raw material, forging, rolling and heat treatment of raw materials, the aluminum ingot grain thinning and density increase to meet the desired requirements of aluminum target sputtering.

3, The high purity aluminum material deformation processed machining, aluminum target processing requirements of high precision, high surface quality, processed into vacuum coating machine required target size can be, and the aluminum target thread connected with coating machine.

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