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The production flow of several sputtering targets

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The production flow of several sputtering targets

  As we all know, high purity sputtering target has been widely used in various fields, but many users do not understand the process of target in the process of production. Today,Baoji OuKai will introduce three kinds of high purity target production process.

  1. High purity aluminum target

  Ultra high purity aluminium ingot - cutting - plastic processing - heat treatment - Welding - machine - Test - Cleaning - drying - Packaging - Warehousing

  2. High purity tantalum target

  Tantalum target - Welding - machine test ---- cleaning - drying - Packaging - Warehousing

  3. High purity tungsten titanium target

  High purity powder - mold - vacuum hot pressing - hot isostatic pressing - flat grinding - Welding - welding joint rate detection - mechanical processing - dimensional testing ---- cleaning - drying - Packaging - Warehousing

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