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The preparation method of Si Al target for Low-E glass coating

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The preparation method of Si Al target for Low-E glass coating

  Low-e coating glass is also called LOW radiation Glass or low-e (LOW Emissivity Glass). The glass surface of the multi-layer metal or other compounds include silver layer of membrane products. So plating layer has a very Low surface emissivity of the name. A variety of materials are used in the production process of target material (SiAl target, NiCr target, TiOx target, ZnAl target ZnSn target, Ag target,etc..)


  Silicon aluminum Target (SiAl Target) process belongs to thermal spraying. Thermal spraying process include: arc spraying, plasma spraying, flame spraying. Silicon Aluminum target production need the first two kind of spraying: arc spraying is used to spray on the base of target tube base, making material spraying layer and base tube combined with solid, target material uses plasma thermal spray coating.

  Production flow

  Silicon aluminum powder----sandblasting---- arc spraying---- plasma spraying----polishing----packing.

  Silicon aluminum powder: to ensure the stability of the process, the aluminum ingots of silicon ingot need to be prepared by grinding powder and powder.

  Sandblasting process: target material for purchasing is not to be used directly, so as to make the spraying layer combine firmly, it needs to be treated with the polishing sandblasting.

  Arc spraying: the transition layer of some alloy material as a coating layer and liner is applied to make the coating and liner connect more firmly and the wire is made of nickel-aluminum alloy.

  Spraying process: this process is the main link of the whole production, different specifications, target material spraying time length, single spraying equipment production capacity is very limited, for more than 30 hours to produce a target of root length is 3897 mm. Due to the spray gun nozzle is a consumable, spraying may need many times during the replacement of spray gun nozzle.

  Machining process: after the spraying process is completed, the surface should be processed to meet the specifications and dimensions required by the user.

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