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The main parameters of rotatable sputter targets

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The main parameters of rotatable sputter targets

  As the market interest in vacuum coating by magnetron sputtering grows, magnetron sputtering target manufacturing is consequently expanding. Thermal spray is the preferred technology to manufacture sputtering targets, because it offers a broad range of capabilities to meet these very complex manufacturing demands. The main parameters directly impact total cost of ownership:

  • Material composition: Doped materials can be produced in both stoichiometric and nonstoichiometric compositions without the limits of phase diagrams, allowing operators to develop specific coatings that cannot be made via classic target casting technologies. Thermal spraying does not need to take possible restrictions of limited solubility into account with thermal spraying: Any mixture of two materials can be processed by simply mixing the appropriate fractions together before spraying.

  • Expanded coverage: Nearly all materials can be sprayed, from low-melting point metals to high-melting point ceramics.

  • Target flexibility: Long-life (dog-bone shaped) targets increase thickness of the material at both ends. As a result, high target material utilization is possible with most materials and for different target lengths (up to 152 inches), and are easily produced.

  • Film composition: Typical thin films and coating stacks, such as SnO2, TiO2, SiO2, and Si3N4, can be made via advanced cylindrical target tubes.

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