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The introduction of planar target

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 The introduction of planar target

  Sputtering target can be divided into planar target, multi-arc target and rotating target according to its shape. The planar target mainly refers to the circular target and rectangle target with a certain thickness such as copper target with diameter 100* and thickness 40mm.

  1.Main planar target

  High purity aluminum target,high pure copper target,high pure iron target,high pure titanium target,high pure nickel target,high purity magnesium target,high purity chromium target,high purity zinc target,high pure silver target,high-purity cobalt target,etc..

  2.Production process

  Melt-casting,powder metallurgic method


  Planar target is mainly used in decoration industry, building glass, automobile glass, low-radiation glass, flat display, optical industry, optical data storage industry, etc.

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