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The development trend of sputtering target

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The development trend of sputtering target

  Since the 1990s, with rapid development of new technology and new materials, new devices and new materials have developed increasingly, especially in the microelectronics industry. So the market size of sputtering targets has been expanding.

  In 1990, the world target market sales volume was 336 ~ 397 billion yen and the annual growth rate reached 20%. In 1991, it was about 377 ~ 43.2 billion yen and the annual growth rate reduced to 10%. In 1995, Japan's target market has already reached to 50 billion yen.

  According to incomplete statistics, in 1999, the annual sales volume of world target market was about $1 billion, including Japan's market share is more than half of the world market, American was a third of the world, in China mainland ,the annual sales volume was about $300 to $5 million, Taiwan's was about $25 million.

  Because the large-scale development application of electronic thin films, optical thin film, photoelectric film, magnetic film and superconducting thin film in high and new technology and industry, sputtering target has gradually developed into a specialized industry. With the development of high and new technology, world's target market will be further expanded.

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