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The brief introduction of target for optical coating

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The brief introduction of target for optical coating

Optical coating is in optical interference principle, within the scope of the visible and infrared wave band,enable the reflectance between 78-98% to achieve light transmittance . optical coating technology has been important basis technology in the field of Optical coating target also is a major concern.

On the application of optical coating material, coating target is the core of technology. through the different target materials with containing rare metal and form different optical coating materials, these rare metal are yttrium fluoride, fluoride, praseodymium, germanium, zinc sulfide, magnesium fluoride, titanium dioxide, zirconium oxide, cobalt, gallium, selenium and other metals.Optical coating targets usually use copper, molybdenum, silicon, germanium mental in the mirror of optical materials. on the output side and transmission optical original, germanium ,zinc selenide and gallium arsenide are widely used .In our daily life, optical coating can be seen everywhere, such as glasses, digital cameras, all kinds of home appliances, or anti-counterfeiting technology on money, all kinds medical equipment, military weapon and so on.

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