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The application of functional titanium target

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The application of functional titanium target

   Titanium target not only has the function of titanium and titanium alloys with high specific strength, non magnetic, corrosion resistance and other advantages, but also has special function, so it has been widely applied in medical, energy, automatic control, expanding the scope of application, increasing importance.

  Titanium targets with certain special functions.It mainly has the titanium alloy, the titanium storage hydrogen alloy, the titanium niobium superconducting alloy, the bioengineering titanium target.Titanium nickel shape memory alloy is a kind of memory effect in shape memory alloy series with good practicability. The main components are ti-ni, ti-ni - X (X is a small amount of aluminum, iron, cobalt, platinum, palladium, copper).In addition to the application of shape memory materials, titanium nickel shape memory alloy can be used as super elastic material, biological engineering material and wear-resisting material.

  Bioengineering titanium target is a kind of high corrosion resistance and low density in bioengineering metal materials, with two kinds of density and porous state, of which ti-6al-4v and ti-5al-2.The use of 5Fe and ti-ni is widely used, mostly for titanium bone, bone plate, medical orthopaedic rod, orthopaedic silk, planting of dental root, blood filter, medical instrument and so on.

  The mature titanium hydrogen storage alloy is titanium manganese.Titanium manganese hydrogen storage alloy can be activated at room temperature, hydrogen absorption and hydrogen release.The alloy is rich in raw materials, low in cost, and has been tested in cars and other parts of hydrogen fuel storage.

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