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The application of SVC silicon alloy to sputtering target

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The application of SVC silicon alloy to sputtering target

  Target mainly for SVC series silicon alloy tool coating super-hard membrane of sputtering target, clocks and watches recently, mobile phones have the demand like black against the fingerprints of hard film, stainless steel casing and hard, imitation gold superhard film, etc.

  This series of sputtering target in the coating is a variety of compound deposition of thin films, such as chromium silicon target when making IP black membrane flux into the reaction gas C2H2 chromium ion and C element sedimentary black chromium carbide (CrC) silicon and reaction between SiC and C at the same time, this kind of metal carbide ceramic and silicon carbide alternate deposition and greatly increase film hardness, but also keep the characteristics of the silicon carbide surface friction coefficient is very low.

  There is the latest evidence to prove that the Ti/Cr/TiAI/SiC structure film, which is produced by the titanium silicon target reaction, is the best bridging layer of DLC, which can be found in Ti/Cr/capital/SiC, which is very meaningful.

  International famous PLATIT company AlTiSiN nanocrystalline composite coating has excellent performances, with 1 micron thick Si3N4 amorphous wrapped in TiAlN 3 micron size particle structure, is to use silicon aluminum and titanium target to sedimentary targets.

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