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The application of PVD coating in cutting tools

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 The application of PVD coating in cutting tools

   PVD coating is widely used for improving surface performances or change colors of substrate which can be HSS, metal, steel, plastics, ceramics,glass, etc.

  Cutting tools like hob, milling tool, drilling head, screw tap, rimer while working, the chips of machined material will build-up thus to decrease wok efficiency and life time of the cutting tools. After PVD coating with certain films, the build-up and friction will be greatly reduced. Cutting force will also be decreased leading to less wear of cutting tools and higher surface quality and better precision. Advantages for cutting tools by PVD coating are:

  Times of work life extended;

  Better cutting conditions;

  Less replacement of cutting tools, less stop;

  Tool body can be more reused after sharpening.

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