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The advantages of vacuum magnetron sputtering coating

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The advantages of vacuum magnetron sputtering coating

  The vacuum magnetron sputtering coating can effectively reduce the working pressure of the target chamber and the working voltage of the target, increase the sputtering and deposition rate, reduce the substrate temperature and reduce the damage of the plasma to the film layer, especially suitable for the production of large area coating.

  The factors affecting the velocity and quality of sputtering film include vacuum degree, sputtering atmosphere, air pressure, using a series of equipment conditions such as power and target base distance, the target material, as the bulk raw material used in the coating, has a great influence on the film quality and sputtering rate, including the shape, purity, density, porosity, grain size and binding quality of the target material. High-quality target material not only can guarantee good film quality, but also can guarantee good film quality, can also prolong the use cycle of low–e products, more important can reduce production cost, improve production efficiency, and have great economic benefit to the coating glass industry. Therefore, for large-area coating industry, the research of target materials is also very important.

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