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The Application of the Titanium Target

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The Application of the Titanium Target

Titanium target generally used in the industries of tool coating and decorative coating. Because titanium show different color under different temperature conditions, so we can plat any color you need for tools, ornaments, etc.


Titanium and its alloys are characterised by their lightness, strength and corrosion resistance and are used widely in aerospace applications. In addition, these properties also make the material suitable for medical applications (e.g. replacement hip joints). Titanium dioxide, TiO2 is used as a white pigment in paints and plastics as it provides great opacity. The same material is also used in the manufacture of heat resisting and durable glass, the TiO2 replacing certain proportions of the soda. Titanium carbide is used to manufacture cemented carbides.


Baoji Okai Sputtering Target Technology Co., LTD. mainly produces  flat-panel display panels target material, coated glass industry (mainly including architectural glass, automotive glass, optical thin film glass, etc.) with the target material, thin-film solar industrial target material, surface engineering & tools (decoration) with the target material, resistance of target, auto light coating with a target material, etc.


Okai company can produce many kinds of specifications of the non-ferrous metals, rare metals and precious metals and their alloys ingots, rods, tubes, plates, belt, foil, wire, profiles, castings, and other products; the products are sold abroad, and the technology is exported.

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