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Target made in China will "sputter" worldwide

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Target made in China will "sputter" worldwide

   People can't live without sputtering targets in modern life.Phones, credit cards, cameras, second-generation id cards...They all have a chip.The ultrafine metal conductor in chip, which is nearly 10,000 meters in length, is made by sputtering target.

  With the rapid development of semiconductor industry, the demand for sputtering targets is increasing gradually and has become a strategic key material for the semiconductor industry.But for a long time,the sputtering target in China depends entirely on the United States, Japan imported, that not only limits the development of electronic materials and semiconductor industries in our country,but influence the national information industry and strategic security.

  Some people said that semiconductor chip industry in China,except water and air from China,other equipment, materials and processes are from abroad.But China needs the development of semiconductor material industry, which is the foundation for national security and all information industry progress.

  We believe that target made in china will "sputter" worldwide in the future.

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