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Supply Aluminum metal sputtering target made in China

  • Al
  • <100μm
  • 99.99%
  • Widely used in coating processing industries

Item: PVD coating target Al metal sputtering target applied on thin film solar panel

Purity: 99.99%

Grain Size:<100μm

Technics: Vacuum Melting, Patented thermo-mechanical process

Application: Widely used in coating processing industries:

A: Solar Photovoltaic Application.

B: Electronic and Semiconductor Application.

C: Decoration and Coating Application. etc.

D: Large Area Glass Coating: glass coating material & technology, 

Aluminum metal sputtering target, belongs to sputtering targets.There are two kinds of shape, square and circular.Square target's length is below 1500mm,width is below 400mm and the thickness is above 0.3mm.Circular target's diameter is below 400mm,thickness is limitless. Widely used in vacuum coating industry, target materials raw materials, aerospace industry, Marine automobile industry, electrical industry, instruments industry, etc.


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