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Sputtering target in field of microelectronics

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Sputtering target in field of microelectronics

In  all application industries, sputtering target material film in semiconductor industry is one of the most demanding quality requirements. Now 12 inches of silicon wafer has been made. While the width of the interconnect,Silicon chip manufacturers to the requirements of  target material is big size, high purity, low segregation, fine grain, this requires that the target material has better microstructure. Crystal particle diameter and uniformity of target material have been considered to be the key factors influencing the film sink deposition rate.

 In addition, the purity of thin film and the purity of target material closed system is great, 99.995% in the past (4N5) target, the purity of copper may be able to full foot semiconductor manufacturers 0.3 5 PM process demand, But it can't satisfy now 0.2 5 um process requirement, but not m 0.18 um art even 0.13 m process, need the purity of target would be required to reach to more than 5 or 6 n. Compared with aluminum, copper has a higher ability to resist electromigration and lower resistivity, can satisfy! Below the conductor technology in 0. 25 um submicron wiring but with meters to the needs of the other problems: copper and low adhesion strength of organic dielectric materials. And easy to react, causing in the process of using copper interconnect corrode and circuit of the chip. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to set the barrier layer between copper and dielectric layer. Barrier materials generally high melting point and high resistivity of metals and their compounds, therefore it requires blocking layer thickness is less than 50 nm ,copper and good adhesion performance of dielectric materials. Copper interconnection and aluminum interconnect the barrier layer of material is different. Need to develop new material of target. Copper interconnection with target block layer including a S I T a, W, T, WS I etc. A, but T W are refractory metal. Production is relatively difficult, now is working units of gold as an alternative material such as molybdenum target, chromium target.

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