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Pure Tantalum target/ Sputtering Target/ Ta target

Pure Tantalum targets
  • Ta
  • <100μm
  • 99.95%
  • widely used in coating processing industries

Item: Pure Tantalum/Ta Sputtering Target with Low Price 

Material: Ta

Purity: 99.95%

Grain size: <100μm

Technics: Hot Isostatic Pressing, Powder metallurgy

Application: :widely used in coating processing industries
a: architectural glass, car using glass, graphic display field.
b:electronic and semiconductor field.
c:decoration and mould field. 
d:optics coating materials 

High Hard texture
Low impurity content
Better heat dissipation
High Tensile strength 

Tantalum target is a very important material in thin film technology. We can make tantalum target with purity being above 99.95%, small grain size, and good consistent state of recrystal microstructure and three axial positions. In this way, the oxidation film sputtered from cathodic tantalum sputtering target is even and resistant to other chemicals. 

Tantalum sputtering target has been widely used in fiber optics, semiconductor chip, integrated circuit and military areas. Tantalum-projectile has been in development successfully.

Tantalum can be used to make evaporation containers, tube electrodes, rectifier, electrolysis, capacitance and mend destroyed tissue by sheet or fine wire tantalum in medical treatment. 

Tantalum is also the production material of electronic tubes, high-power electron tube parts. Tantalum corrosion-resistant equipment is used for the production of strong acid, bromine, ammonia and other chemical industry. Metal tantalum can be used for structural materials for aircraft engine combustion chamber. Tantalum tungsten alloy, tantalum tungsten hafnium alloy and tantalum hafnium alloy can be used as heat-resistant high-strength materials for rockets, missiles and jet engines, as well as control and regulating equipment parts etc.


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