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Planar display target - Niobium oxide sputtering target

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Planar display target - Niobium oxide sputtering target

  As we known, the equipment and technology of sputtering target manufacturers in China have been greatly upgraded, and some target suppliers are close to the quality of imported target. Magnetron sputtering technology is an important industrial vacuum coating technology. Compared with other sputtering coating, it has the advantages of high speed, low temperature, low damage and so on.

  There are niobium oxide target and rotary niobium oxide target in the market, among which the rotary niobium oxide target is popular because of its high utilization rate and long changing target cycle. The niobium oxide target is the major sputtering target provided in planar display.

  Rotatable Nb oxide target

  1. Application

  Used to make Nb2O5 film, mainly used for optical glass, touch screen AR film system, Low-E glass film system.

  2. Physical and Chemical Properties

  Chemical Composition):Nb2Ox (x<5)

  Resistivity (20°C):< 0.1 ohm. cm

  Molding process:HPS

  Density :>4.3g/cm3(>95%)

  Purity: > 99.95%

  3. Maximum Machining Size

  L:4000MM, T: 10MM


  Customize to customer specification

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