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NiCrSi high resistivity sputtering target

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NiCrSi high resistivity sputtering target

The main sputtering target for the preparation of metal film resistor and high resistance metal oxide film resistors, integrated circuit wiring and sensors, used in computer, communication equipment, electronic switches, has gradually become a new generation of general alternative carbon film resistor resistor. At present, the high resistance targets used for producing high stability metal film resistors mainly depend on imports, and the price is expensive, which restricts the development of China's electronic industry. Shanghai Jiao Tong University added rare earth in NICrSi alloy to improve the properties of the sputtering target, and its preparation process is as follows;

1) Cr, Ni element preparation; purity of more than 99.5% elements; Si purity is more than 99.9%; a mixture of rare-earth elements with purity more than 98%.

2) Ni, Cr and a small amount of Si melt into intermediate alloy, arc furnace melting voltage is 20V, the current is 500~600A, time is 2~5min.

3) vacuum induction melting and the sputtering target, using special vacuum induction melting wax investmentprecision casting; in intermediate alloy vacuum induction melting will be prepared on the bottom of the feeder, refractory material in the upper part, in vacuum induction melting in the alloy melts first, and then to join the melting Si material. The vacuum degree of the vacuum induction smelting is 2 * 10-2torr, the power is 35kW, the time is 1h.

4) followed by refining, refining the power of 20kW, time is 30min.

5) the rare earth element is added in the refining stage, and the solution is evenly stirred by electromagnetic induction, then injected into the investment mould. After the die is cooled, the casting parts of the sputtering target are obtained through the demoulding process.

6) heat treatment and mechanical processing of sputtering target castings. The heat treatment process is: heat preservation at 800 2H.

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