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Molybdenum niobium alloy plate target processing technology

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Molybdenum niobium alloy plate target processing technology

Molybdenum, niobium alloy plate target has a high melting point, high temperature and high temperature strength and toughness, and heat resistance and thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient characteristics. After adding a certain percentage of niobium in molybdenum pixel LCD screen can improve or expand more than twice that long electrode large display screen high-definition, high information capacity, high-resolution capability of the display to get a breakthrough development.The following is a new method of processing molybdenum niobium alloy plate target.

Molybdenum niobium alloy plate target material processing technology is implemented according to the following steps:

(1) mixing: dividing quantitative molybdenum powder and niobium powder respectively into at least three small portions, each portion of molybdenum powder and each portion of niobium powder are mixed into a small portion of mixed powder, each small portion of mixed powder is mixed and sieved for a plurality of times, a plurality of small portions of mixed powder are mixed to obtain mixed alloy powder, the mixed alloy powder is divided into at least three groups, the three groups of mixed alloy powder are mixed respectively and mixed together finally, and then the mixed alloy powder are mixed to obtain alloy powder with even components;

 (2) molding: the alloy powder is pressed into alloy blanks through isostatic pressing, the alloy blanks enter a high temperature intermediate frequency furnace and are sintered under protection of hydrogen, sintering temperature is divided into three temperature areas: 0-800 DEG C, 800-1600 DEG C and 1600-2000 DEG C, the alloy blanks are sintered in each temperature area for at least 3 hours, and finally an alloy blank shape is sintered; 

(3) forging and rolling: the alloy blanks are forged and compacted at the temperature of 1200-1400 DEG C and enter the high temperature furnace to be rolled into plates with stock specifications at the heating temperature of 1500-1600 DEG C;

(4) finish machining: molybdenum niobium alloy plate target material end products are obtained through incising, accurate grinding and machining

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