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Molybdenum alloy tube target

  • Molybdenum
  • <100μm
  • 99.6%
  • Widely used in coating processing industries

Product Name:Molybdenum alloy tube target



Grain size:<100μm

Technics:Hot Iisostatic Pressing, Powder Metallurgy, Patented thermo-mechanical process

Application of Pure Molybdenum Target

Molybdenum target is mainly used in plasma sputtering industry. With the electric field, electron collided with the argon atom when fly to the substrate, then argon atoms and electrics were ionized .The electrics fly to the substrate while argon atoms accelerate to bomb the target, the neutral atoms (or molecules) in the target deposit on the substrate and become the coating.

Since the molybdenum resistant to high temperature and corrosion, molybdenum targets are widely used in petroleum chemical industry, aviation, machine manufacturing, and electronics semiconductor industries and so on.

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