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Mo-Nb sputtering target

  • Mo,Nb
  • 99.97%

Product Name:tube shaped Mo-Nb sputtering target

lace of Origin:Baoji, China (Mainland)


Chemical Composition:Mo,Nb

Shape:round,tube,according to your reques  Application:


1. An important way to make thin-film material is sputtering—a new way of physical vapor deposition (PVD). The thin-film made by target is characterized by high density and good adhesiveness. As the magnetron sputtering techniques being widely applied, the high pure metal and alloy targets are in great need. Being with high melting point, elasticity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, resistivity and fine heat stability, pure tungsten and tungsten alloy targets are widely used in semiconductor integrated circuit, two-dimensional display, solar photovoltaic, X ray tube and surface engineering.

2.It can work with both older sputtering devises as well as the latest process equipments, such as large area coating for solar energy or fuel cells and flip-chip applications.


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