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Metal sputtering targets for optical coating

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Metal sputtering targets for optical coating

   An optical coating is composed of a combination of thin film layers that create interference effects used to enhance transmission or reflection properties within an optical system. The performance of an optical coating is dependent upon the number of layers, the thickness of the individual layers, and the refractive index difference at the layer interfaces. 

        Optical Coatings are designed for a specific incident angle and a specific polarization of light such as S-polarization, P-polarization, or random polarization. Using the coating at a different angle of incidence than what it is designed for will result in a significant degradation in performance, and sufficiently large deviations in incidence angle can result in a complete loss of coating function. Similarly, using a different polarization than the design polarization will generally yield undesirable results.

Magnetron sputtering is the best method for preparing curtain wall glass at present, but the rf power source, the material of sputtering target and the production price are very expensive, the cost of magnetron sputtering is relatively high.

The main materials used in glass coating are: In2O3, SnO2, Co-Cr, Ni- Cr, Cu, Cr, Ni, Sn, etc.

The main targets of the rear-view mirror are: Cr, Al, SnO2 (reactivity), TiO2, etc.

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