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Magnetron sputtering process

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Magnetron sputtering process

  There are a number of ways to enhance this magnetron sputtering process.One common way to do this is to use what is known as a magnetron sputtering system.The main difference between this and a basic DC sputtering system described above is the addition of a strong magnetic field near the target area.This field causes traveling electrons to spiral along magnetic flux lines near the target instead of being attracted toward the substrate.The advantage of this is that the plasma is confined to an area near the target, without causing damages to the thin film being formed. Also, electrons travel for a longer distance, increasing the probability of further ionizing Argon atoms. This tends to generate a stable plasma with high density of ions. More ions mean more ejected atoms from the target, therefore, increasing the efficiency of the sputtering process. The faster ejection rate, and hence deposition rate, minimizes impurities to form in the thin‐film, and the increased distance between the plasma and substrate minimizes damage caused by stray electrons and Argon ions.

  A way to measure target deposition rate is something called the “SPUTTERING YIELD”.The sputtering yield is defined as the number of target atoms released per incident Argon ion with certain kinetic energy.For example, if two target atoms are released per collision with an Argon ion, the sputtering yield is two.To sputter conducting targets, a DC power supply is generally used.For insulating or semiconducting targets, an RF power supply is required with an automatic or manual impedanc matching network between the power supply and the sputtering gun.Micro Magne ics recommends an automatic network for an RF power supply. Micro Magnetics’ magnetron sputtering guns are designed to work with any DC and RF power supplies for sputtering applications. 

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