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Magnetron Sputtering Target Material

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Magnetron Sputtering Target Material

     Magnetron sputtering coatingis a kind of way of physical gas phase coating, which is divided into two categories according to the technique:

  One is DC sputtering which is mainly applied for metallic coating ,the other one is RF magnetron sputtering which can be used for plating non-metallic materials.

  Now the technology of magnetron sputtering coating becomes mature in a large part . It is mainly used in the following areas: decorative film material, architectural glass, automotive glass, low-e glass, graphic display, optical communication/industry, optical data storage industry, magnetic data storage industry.

       The Principle of Magnetron Sputtering

  To Add an orthogonal magnetic and electric fields between the sputtering target pole (cathode) and the anode , and fill in inert gas (usually a Ar argon)required in the high vacuum chamber, The permanent magnet forms 250 ~ 350 gauss magnetic field in the target material surface, which makes up orthogonal electromagnetic field with high voltage electric field.

  Under the application of electric field, Ar gas is ionized into into positive ion and electron. Because the target has certain negative pressure, the electrons emitted from the target increase the probability of ionization of working gas under the action of magnetic field

  form a high density plasma near the cathode. Under the action of lorentz force, Ar ion speeds up to fly to the target surface and bombard target surface at a high speed to make the atoms that were sputtered on the target follow the principle of momentum transfer move from the target surface to substrate deposition film with higher kinetic energy.

  Generally the magnetron sputtering is divided into two types: tributary sputtering and radio frequency sputtering. The principle of the tributary sputtering device is simple and its speed is also fast in the sputtering of metal. Rf sputtering is more widely used in sputtering not only splash conductive material, but also conductive materials, In addition to ,it could be used for reactive sputtering to manufacture chemical compounds, such as oxide, nitride and carbide materials and so on.

  If the frequency of radiofrequency increased, it will become a kind of microwave plasma sputtering, which is commonly used in the current electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) type microwave plasma sputtering.

      Magnetron sputtering coating target material

  According to the shape, it can be divided into round plate target, cylinder target, step round target, rectangular target, chip target, step plate target, circular target and tubular target.

  According to the material, it can be divided into metal target material, alloy target material, ceramic target material and so on.

  According to customers’ demands ,the purity of the material can range from 99.9% to 99.999%.

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