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How to improve the utilization ratio of molybdenum sputtering target

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How to improve the utilization ratio of molybdenum sputtering target

  In the electronics industry, molybdenum sputtering targets are mainly used in flat panel displays, electrodes and wiring materials for thin film solar cells, and barrier materials for semiconductors. These are based on the high melting point, high conductivity, low specific impedance, good corrosion resistance and good environmental performance of molybdenum.

  In planar magnetron sputtering process, because of the effects of electromagnetic field on orthogonal sputtering ion sputtering target relationship, resulting in uneven erosion in the sputtering process , resulting in the target rate is generally not high, about 30%. In recent years, although the utilization ratio of sputtering target has been improved by the improvement of equipment, only about 50% have been obtained. In addition, when the target atom is impacted by hydrogen ion, about 1 /6 of sputtered atoms are deposited on the vacuum chamber wall or stent to increase the cost and downtime of the clean vacuum device. Therefore, the key to improve the utilization ratio of target is to realize the replacement of sputtering equipment.

  Another method for improving the utilization ratio of molybdenum sputtering target is that the planar target is a tubular rotating target. Compared with the planar target, the design of the rotating target structure shows its substantial advantages. The lifetime of the target is defined as sputtering power,.H (kW), or the total thickness of the material deposited on the substrate. From the flat target to the rotating target, the geometric structure and design change increased the utilization ratio of the target, and the utilization rate increased from 30% to 50% of the flat target to > 80% of the rotary target. In addition, if kW.H is used to measure the life of the sputtering target, the life of the rotating target is 5 times longer than that of the target. Since the rotating target is constantly rotating during sputtering, no deposition occurs on its surface.

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