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How to Install Sputtering Target

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How to Install Sputtering Target

The most important consideration in the installation of the sputtering target  is to ensure that a good thermal conduction connection is established between the sputtering target and the sputtered gun cooling wall. If the warping degree of cooling stave or serious warpage caused by serious back target installation cracking or bending, thermal conductivity will be back to the target target has been greatly affected, resulting in heat in the sputtering process from the target will eventually result in cracking or miss. To ensure sufficient thermal conductivity, a layer of graphite paper is added between the cathode cooling stave and the target. Please note that the roughness of the cooling wall of the sputtered gun is carefully checked and made sure that the sealing ring is always in position.

Because the dirt may produce clean degree and the running process of the equipment used by the cooling water in the cooling water tank will be deposited on the cathode, so the need for inspection and cleaning of cooling water tank installed in the cathode material, ensure the smooth circulating cooling water and outlet not blocked. Some cathode design and anode gap is smaller, so in the installation of target, you need to ensure that there is no contact between the cathode and anode, and there is no conductor, otherwise it will cause short circuit.

Please refer to the equipment business manual for information on how to correctly install the sputtering target .When tightening the fixture, use your hand to tighten one of the bolts, then use your hand to tighten the other bolts on the diagonal. Repeat until all the bolts are installed and then tighten with the tool.

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