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High Purity Molybdenum Target

  • Molybdenum
  • <100μm
  • 99.6%
  • Widely used in coating processing industries

Product Name:New brand high purity Molybdenum sputtering target/ Mo target



Grain size:<100μm

Technics:Hot Iisostatic Pressing, Powder Metallurgy, Patented thermo-mechanical process

Application:Widely used in coating processing industries

A: Solar Photovoltaic Application.

B: Electronic and Semiconductor Application.

C: Decoration and Coating Application. etc.

Molybdenum is silver-white metal, hard and tough. Metal molybdenum is widely used in electronic devices such as tubes, transistors, and rectifiers. Molybdenum oxide and molybdate are excellent catalyst in chemical and petroleum industries. Molybdenum disulfide is an important lubricant for the aerospace and mechanical industrial sector.


Pure molybdenum wire is used for high temperature electric furnaces, electrical discharge machining and wire - cutting; Molybdenum slice is used to make radio equipment and X-ray equipment; Molybdenum is high- temperature and ablation resistant, mainly used for artillery bore, rocket nozzle, manufacturing light bulb tungsten support. Adding molybdenum in alloy steel can increase the elastic limit, corrosion resistance and maintain permanent magnetic etc. 

Molybdenum in also widely used as substrates of different membrane surface in thin-film solar and other coating industry.


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