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Field of FPD

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Field of FPD

lat-panel display (FPD) significantly impact over the years mainly cathode ray tube (CRT) computer monitors and television sets in the market, will also drive the ITO target materials of technology and market demand. Now I T O target material there are two kinds. One is using the state of the nanometer indium oxide and tin oxide powder mixed sintering, one kind is with indium tin alloy material. Indium tin platform gold can use dc reaction sputtering target material make I T O film, but target surface oxidation and the sputtering rate, and not easy to get a large size gold target material. Now generally adopt the first method I T O target material production, using the L} I R F reaction sputtering coating. It has deposit speed is fast. And can precisely control the film thickness, high electric conductivity, membrane of good consistency, the advantages of strong adhesion with substrate

Target material production difficulties, however, this is because it is not easy to indium oxide and tin oxide sintered together. Generally USES Z r O2, I 2 O 3 B, C e O as sintering additives, such as access to density of the theoretical value of 9 3% ~ 9 8% of the target material, I T O film which formed in this way the performance and the relationship of additives. Japanese scientists used I z o B as additive, 8 2 0 C r I B 2 O3 in melt, in l 5 0 0 ℃ sintering temperature is beyond the part has been volatile, so in the liquid phase sintering conditions to obtain relatively pure I T o target material. The oxide and need material also is not necessarily the nanoparticles, this simplifies the early stage of the process.

Mining of sichuan and the target material to get I T O film tuen resistance rate of 8. 1 x 1 0 n - c m, close to the pure I T O film resistivity. F P D and the size of the conductive glass is quite fire, the width of the conductive glass can even reach 3 3 3 1, in order to improve the utilization rate of target material, developed a I T O target material of different shape, such as cylindrical, etc. 2 0 0 0 year, the state development planning commission, ministry of science and technology in the current priority to the development of information industry focus areas to guide, I T O large target material is also included.

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